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Pinal County AZ Mines

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NameUSGS Topo Map
Ajax MineMineral Mountain
Alice MineHot Tamale Peak
American Boy MineCasa Grande Mountains
American MinePinal Ranch
Antelope MineWinkelman
Apache MineSuperior
Apex MineSuperior
Ardmore MineFortified Peak
Belmont MineSuperior
Big MineTortolita Mountains
Big MineChief Butte
Black Bess ShaftInspiration
Black Hills MinePeppersauce Wash
Blue Bird Mine Open PitInspiration
Bluebird MineGoldfield
Bluebird MineOak Grove Canyon
Bomboy MinePicketpost Mountain
Bonito MineCampo Bonito
Buckeye MineHot Tamale Peak
Bulldog MineApache Junction
Bunker Hill MineRhodes Peak
Burney MinesOracle
Calumet MineHot Tamale Peak
Childs and Altwilkle MineOak Grove Canyon
Christmas Gift MineKohatk
Columbia MineMineral Mountain
Copper Butte MineTeapot Mountain
Copper Prince MineOak Grove Canyon
Copper Standard MineSilver Reef Mountains
Copperosity MineCopperosity Hills
Dacite Cliffs MineWeavers Needle
Dead Bull MineCampo Bonito
Desert Queen MineNorth Komelik
Ford MineMammoth
Fortuna MineSuperior
Glory Hole MineOak Grove Canyon
Gold Bell MinePicacho Pass
Golden Bell MineGrayback
Goldfield MineGoldfield
Grand Pacific MineSuperior
Grand Prize MineCrozier Peak
Great Eastern MineCopperosity Hills
Greenback MineCopperosity Hills
Hackberry MineKearny
Herring MineMineral Mountain
Highjinks MineCampo Bonito
Hill Top MineKohatk
Hot Boy MineFortified Peak
House MineNorth Komelik
Jackrabbit MineNorth Komelik
Lake Shore MineNorth Komelik
Le La MineKohatk
Lees MineChristmas
Lower Coalfield MineJerusalem Mountain
Magma Copper MinesSuperior
Magma Number Nine MineSuperior
Magna MineRhodes Peak
Magnesium Queen MinesSilver Reef Mountains
Mammoth MineMammoth
Martinez MineMineral Mountain
Mohawk MineMammoth
Monitor MineHot Tamale Peak
Myres MineMineral Mountain
North Star MinePicacho Reservoir SE
Nugget MineSilver Reef Mountains
Oklahoma MineMineral Mountain
Old Jonan MineSilver Reef Mountains
Old Maudina MineCampo Bonito
Old Ripsey MineKearny
Orizaba MineNorth Komelik
Orphan Boy MineMineral Mountain
Orphan MineNorth Komelik
Palmer MineGoldfield
Papago MineCopperosity Hills
Pearl MineMammoth
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