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Yavapai County "C" Reservoirs

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Name USGS Topo Map
Cabin Tank Buckhorn Mountain
Cabin Tank Loy Butte
Cabin Tank Mount Hope
Camel Tank Yampai
Camel Tank Audley
Camel Tank Congress SW
Camp Wood Corner Tank Camp Wood
Camp Wood Tank Camp Wood
Canyon Tank Perkinsville
Carter Tank Walnut Grove
Carter Tank Camp Wood
Casner Canyon Tank Casner Butte
Casner Mountain Tank Loy Butte
Casner Mountain Tank Loy Butte
Catclaw Tank Arrastra Mountain SE
Caterpillar Tank Red Mesa
Cathedral Tank Cathedral Caves
CCC Tank Munds Draw
Cedar Basin Tank Garfias Mountain
Cedar Basin Tank Verde Hot Springs
Cedar Bench Tank Horner Mountain
Cedar Bench Tank Number One Walker Mountain
Cedar Bench Tank Number Two Walker Mountain
Cedar Berry Bob Tank Seligman East
Cedar Flat Tank Hackberry Mountain
Cedar Flat Tank Buckhorn Mountain
Cedar Mountain Tank Walker Mountain
Cedar Mountain Trick Tank Rover Peak
Cedar Tank Battle Flat
Cedar Tank Estler Peak
Cedar Tank Arnold Mesa
Cedar Tank Munds Mountain
Cedar Tank Munds Mountain
Celedonio Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Cement Tank Indian Peak
Cement Tank Bloody Basin
Cement Tank Paulden
CF Tank Middle Verde
Chalk Tank Horner Mountain
Chaparral Tank Poland Junction
Charley Tank Devils Hump
Charleys Tank Strawberry
Charlie Weston Tank Purcell Canyon
Cherry Tree Tank Sunrise Peak
Chester Tank Prescott
Childs Powerplant Tank Verde Hot Springs
Chimbley Tank Jerome Canyon
China Dam Tank Munds Draw
Chino Tank Red Mesa
Christie Tank Scratch Canyon
Christina Draw Tank Cottonwood
Christmas Tree Tank Tule Mesa
Chucks Tank Indian Peak
Cienega Tank Estler Peak
Cienega Tank Estler Peak
Cimarron Tank Hackberry Mountain
Cinder Tank Stoneman Lake
Circle Tank Cooks Mesa
Circle Tank Blye Canyon NE
Click Tank Seligman East
Cliff Tank Sycamore Basin
Cochran Tank Camp Verde
Cochran Tank Camp Verde
Cold Water Tank Seepage Mountain
Coldwater Tank Number One Verde Hot Springs
Coldwater Tank Number Two Tule Mesa
Cole Campbell Tank Anvil Rock
Collins Tank Munds Draw
Concrete Tank Loy Butte
Condon Tank Peeples Valley
Conejo Tank Blye Canyon SE
Conger Tank Burro Mesa
Conger Tank Scratch Canyon
Contrary Tank Munds Draw
Contreras Trick Tank Iron Springs
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