Arizona Canals


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Name County USGS Topo Map
A 8.4 Lateral Yuma Yuma SE
A 8.9 Lateral Yuma Yuma SE
A 8.9 N Lateral Yuma Yuma SE
A 9.4 Lateral Yuma Yuma SE
A Canal Yuma Yuma SE
Abbott Lateral Yuma Somerton
Adams Lateral Yuma Gadsden
Airline Canal Maricopa El Mirage
Amity Ditch Apache Eagar
Arizona Canal Maricopa Paradise Valley
Arizona Cross Cut Canal Maricopa Tempe
Arlington Canal Maricopa Hassayampa
Arnold Lateral Yuma Yuma West
Auxiliary Supply Canal Yuma Yuma West
B 3.7 Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 3.8 Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 5.5 W Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 6.2 E Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 7.0 Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 8.0 N Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B 8.55 Lateral Yuma Yuma East
B Canal Yuma Yuma East
B Main Lateral Yuma Somerton
Baker Lateral Yuma Yuma West
Barkley Lateral Yuma Gadsden
Battle Creek Canal Graham Eden
Beal Ditch Mohave Needles
Beardsley Canal Maricopa McMicken Dam
Beasley Ditch Coconino S P Mountain
Big Ditch Apache Eagar
Blackwater Lateral Pinal Blackwater
Bondesson Lateral Yuma Somerton
Bronk Lateral Yuma Somerton
Brown Canal Graham San Jose
Buckeye Canal Maricopa Valencia
Cahoon Lateral Yuma Somerton
Carter Lateral Yuma Somerton
Casa Blanca Canal Pinal Sacaton
Casa Grande Canal Pinal Eloy North
Case Lateral Yuma Somerton
Central Arizona Project Aqueduct La Paz Monkeys Head
Central Canal Yuma Yuma West
Central Drain Yuma Somerton
Central Drain Yuma Yuma West
Central Main Canal Pinal Eloy South
Central Stub Number One Yuma Yuma West
Central Stub Number Two Drain Yuma Yuma West
Chavez Pass Ditch Coconino Chavez Mountain East
Chilson Canal Coconino Hay Lake
Chino Valley Irrigation Ditch Yavapai Chino Valley South
Church Lateral Yuma Somerton
Citrus Ditch Maricopa Citrus Valley West
Clearwater Drain Mohave Lake Havasu City South
Cloyd Lateral Yuma Yuma West
Cocopah Drain Yuma Somerton
Colmonero Canal Greenlee Sheldon
Colvin-Jones Canal Graham Fort Thomas
Consolidated Canal Maricopa Mesa
Consolidated Canal East Branch Maricopa Chandler
Converse Lateral Yuma Somerton
Co-Op Ditch Maricopa Laveen
Cooper Lateral Yuma Yuma West
Corey Drain Yuma Somerton
Cornville Ditch Yavapai Cornville
Cottonwood Ditch Yavapai Cornville
Coyote Wash Channel Yuma Wellton
Croft Lateral Yuma Gadsden
Cummings Lateral Yuma Gadsden
Curtis Canal Graham Eden
Daniel Lateral Yuma Yuma West
Dodge Nevada Canal Graham Eden
Dome Canal Yuma Dome
Dome Lateral Yuma Wellton
Dome Protective Channel Yuma Ligurta
Donovan Lateral Yuma Yuma West
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